Ben’s latest EP “Where I Am Free” is now available via iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and more, and available in hard copy – order through the Music page and go there to find out more!

Welcome to the website of Ben Trigg – Musician, Producer and Worship Leader with Ichthus Christian Fellowship in London, UK. Use the menus to navigate and find out more!

Ben’s 2013 EP “Invitation” is available in digital and hard copies. The EP features Ben’s co-write with Graham Kendrick “Holy Overshadowing”, and a number of other prayerful and Scripture-soaked songs inviting the listener into God’s presence. Go to the Music page for more information and to order now!


7 responses to “Home”

  1. Sybil says :

    This is great, chipper and refreshing!

  2. Mick says :

    Hi Ben bought could you please send lead sheet for you are with bought both CD’s at prayer and fasting conference would like to play at home group
    Regards Mick love the songs!

  3. Tim says :

    Hi Ben, great to hear you’re planning to create lead sheets. I’d love to see one for ‘More than conquerors’ from Invitation – such a joyful song! Wanted to let you know that I was asked to lead worship last month for a week-long houseparty, and just before we came away one of the organisers heard ‘Holy overshadowing’ for the first time and asked me to introduce it to the houseparty. That was my first encounter with the song, and it has been blessed. It was the song of the week and has been taken away by a number of folk to their churches. Thank you!

    • Ben Trigg says :

      Hi Tim, thanks so much for your feedback. I’d be interested to hear more about where you’re from and how the organisers knew about Holy Overshadowing etc.! I get a guilt trip every time someone else asks for some lead sheets as I’m so slow and busy with other things to get around to this but in reality it will probably be quite quick once I get down to it, so…do keep your eyes peeled! Get in touch via the contact page if you can, would be great to hear more about the weekend. God bless

  4. Eirwen Rowlands says :

    Hello Ben,

    I was listening to the radio just now and was so moved by the besutiful, anointed song ‘Holy Shadowing’ I wanted to know who wrote it so looked it up on the Internet and was able to watch you sharing along with Graham Kendrick how the song came to be…

    Thank you Ben for staying so close to the Lord and your obvious love for His Word that results in us being so blessed, comforted, heartened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit ministering through you.

    God bless you Ben.

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